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Making a Chicken Avocado Wrap

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If you love our Chicken Avocado Wraps, you should take advantage of our Tuesday Special. Mike explains what goes inside the specialty wrap, and how we make it for you. Take a Look....

Catering the Superbowl & More!

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The Superbowl is on Feb4. Who is Catering your Event? Have Nevada Chicken Cafe take care of your food during the big game. we cater and deliver to your home.

New Year Hours at NCC

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NEW YEAR HOURS: Wishing all of our family and friends a wonderful New Year. As a reminder our Ft Apache and Sahara Locations are open during the holiday.

Grand Opening a Complete Success!

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We are proud to announce the official launch date of our 3rd location! As you probably already know, we have been working day and night to ensure your experience is a great one.

Prepping for our 3rd NCC Location

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Have you heard? Nevada Chicken is proud to announce the construction of our 3rd location in Las Vegas. Our newest chicken & rib haven will be located at 5130 S Fort Apache (Right off the 215 and Tropicana).

Fast Delivery In Las Vegas

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Delicious, all natural chicken and ribs is what we major in, here at Nevada Chicken Cafe, and fast delivery is our understudy! Las Vegas is all about fast, speedy service and that is why we want you to know our delivery team is ready to accommodate your hunger team! We have delicious, all natural, slow cooked meats that are seasoned just right, with locally purchased ingredients of the finest quality. Las Vegas locals deserve fast delivery of the very best chicken and ribs modern cooking has to offer. That's where Nevada Chicken Cafe starts, and the competition ends.

You see, we make our side dishes from scratch and we select only the choicest cuts of meat for our customers. We then marinate the meat in our special barbecue sauce and blend of herbs and spices. Next, we grill it or roast it (your choice) to a perfection and serve it with your choice of side dish like Mac and cheese, Cole slaw, beans, fries and others. There are so many delicious options on the menu, so what are you waiting for?!

Nevada Chicken Cafe of Las Vegas also offers locals the best catering services in the city, with prices that are very affordable. It's not enough that we have just fast delivery services for our regular orders, so please consider us for your big events like birthdays, picnics, family gatherings, and/ or company meetings or gatherings. But definitely consider us when you and your family get hungry for dinner, or you just wanna stay in at home and eat, or you have to stay in at the desk to work. We're here for you, and we're gonna deliver that yummy food real fast!

Best Catering Las Vegas

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Nevada Chicken Cafe. A recipe. A vision. A dream come true... in the form of delicious chicken and ribs! We have the Best Catering in Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas Valley is home to two of our locations where we also offer our customers the most affordable, professional and best catering services you can find in Las Vegas. Not only will your next business meeting, party or picnic have the best chicken and ribs in town, but your family and friends will be treated by the best catering team, with fast and friendly service that is affordable and easy on the pocket book.

Our slow cooking techniques, and our special barbecue marinade, combined with our mesquite charcoal, gives our chicken and ribs the best flavor in Las Vegas! Skip the cookout and hire our catering team, we're the best in town, and you don't even have to do the clean up, or the dishes. Our pricing is affordable, our team has the best training in the catering business and we are committed to providing our customers with a satisfactory experience inside the restaurant and out.

If you've ever been to our restaurants, than you would know we place a heavy emphasis on our quality. We serve the best chicken and ribs in town, and now we will serve the best catering of chicken and ribs in town, at affordable rates and prices. We even have fast delivery options for smaller fare if it's just you and the fam, please ask about our discounts, specials and printable coupons!

Affordable Catering in Las Vegas

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Did you know about Nevada Chicken Cafe's Affordable Catering service? That's right, you can have your next birthday, big game party, company picnic, fund raiser or meeting catered at an affordable price by Nevada Chicken Cafe! We specialize in good, whole some food, cooked theĀ  all-natural way, with only the finest ingredients.

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